I’m Ela.

I’m an advertising photographer, filmmaker, social media ninja and creative girl who has a dream to change the world through good photography and videos!
I really want to support cool brands and help them rule the Earth.

I’m in love with modern internet marketing and I know how important social media is for a modern brand, that’s why I want to present you my ideas and a plan for how to revolutionize your social media profiles through creative photography and video content.

I graduated with a photography degree at Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and you can see my diploma work called „Space of glow” below.

But first – see my works!


Advertising & Still Life

This is my favorite field of photography. I like to revive dead objects, put them in interesting and funny contexts referring to the animated world 😉 I like to engage in individual projects, because they are the most interesting for me. I like to solve problems and be your partner, I want to support your business with all my heart. You can have me as your buddy, with whom you are doing a nice project and who are always happy to help, come out with an initiative, maybe suggest a nice idea. I like such topics!

I want to help you and I am convinced that we will create something fantastic together! 🙂

Short Videos

With all my heart I loved creating short-one-minute culinary videos that show how to make a meal in very simple way. This videos make life easier for people and are very pleasant to watch because they are pretty and short 🙂 This content is very well accepted in social media, especially nowadays, when there is a lot of content and people don’t have time to watch long videos. You have to compete with the clarity of the message. It is also a great opportunity to show your product in use – if you are a producer of plant milk (for example) we can show the recipe in which we use it 🙂


I am happy to be involved in charitable projects that help animals. I want to help shelters and pro-animal organizations to promote their activities and I know that good photography can do wonders here!

Since I remember there were animals in my home – countless numbers of snails, cats or other creatures. Generally speaking it is still on and at the moment my African giant snail Fluo bravely poses for photos and cats accompany me while working on the computer 🙂

Space of glow

SPACE OF GLOW is a surreal vision of a world emerging from the darkness only under ULTRAVIOLET light. It’s a dangerous world, but also a beautiful and fascinating one for some, frightening for others. The hand-made models of the unusual, irrationally combined phenomena and creatures bring us to a land of imagination, at the same time giving the possibility of new, disturbing sensations.

Photos are presented as handmade lightboxes of size 50x70cm. Models are made from everyday objects (for example: cotton, garbage bags, salt…). They are covered with fluorescent paint and illuminated with ultraviolet light. I organized an exhibition in Krakow during the Krakow Photo Fringe festival, at which I showed this work.


Oh, food is a wonderful subject for photography! Maybe because after the session I can eat it! Of course, if it’s vegan 😉 And I’m strict about meat, so I’m sorry but I will not take photos of sausage 😀

I’m working on a big campaign to promote a plant-based diet – „Roślinniejemy” – I’m involved in Social Media coordination, photography, graphics and video. Working on the campaign taught me what content is best when it comes to encouraging brands to introduce vegan products and what content is best perceived by consumers. Every day, we show news about the food industry and make veganism sexy and vegan products desirable. Our simple, short culinary videos are received with enthusiasm and every day we get thanks for the fact that we make life easier 😀 There is nothing more beautiful – to do something good for animals, people and the whole world at the same time 🙂


I also had the pleasure to take some photos for a modern antiquarian shop and a gallery of vintage items. I wanted to change the perception of antiques as old, dusty objects and show them in a contemporary, light, instagram style. I feel that the items have gained a second life 🙂


As you can see below – I deal not only with photography but sometimes I also design patterns for clothes with dotwork technique. Each drawing is shaded with small hand-made dots pen, which is then converted into a digital file and printed on T-shirts. These photos are the effects of cooperation with the Skydance store, a few photos and projects come from my old Kosmosy store.

Why social media marketing is important for your business?


I’ll explain to you why it’s worth to run social media, how to do it well and what photography has in common;)
If you’re here, you’re probably running a business. You probably realize that the product or service unfortunately does not sell itself and without good marketing, you will get nowhere. Your company probably depends on building a brand, inspiring customers’ trust and improving. If, thanks to building a brand, you want to afford prices higher than the competition, read on! 🙂
It takes time to build a brand, but above all – an idea. You need to think about who your ideal client is and address your message to such people. And how to address it? Well, of course, through social media!
In recent years, social media have grown to gigantic proportions and have greatly influenced brand awareness and customer perception as a friend. The company should have a human face, be close to the recipients, understand their needs, conduct dialogue and identify with them. The biggest brands know that they will be better perceived when they ask in the comment – „How was your day?” instead of writing about the features of their product. The boundary between an ordinary person and a large enterprise is getting blurred – the customer can share his thoughts with the company, and the company can show without any worries what is happening at its back.
Use it! I have instructions for you how to do it well and I will be happy to help you in the development of your extraordinary business!

Why is it cool?

a large number of recipients

From the whole country or even the world. You do not have to limit yourself to the local group as in the case of traditional advertising (leaflets, billboards) which gives you unlimited promotion opportunities.

specifically defined group of recipients

The specific client needs to be specified and only the internet and mainly social media give the opportunity to stargulate the recipient and not to waste money on ineffective advertising. The most important thing is to get to know your recipients and adjust their content to them. Only a good message directed to a specific target has a chance to attract the attention of the customer. You can see how your potential recipients live, where they go, what they eat, what they buy, what they surround, how they spend their time.

customers' needs

Nothing else gives you the opportunity to learn the needs of consumers like social media. You can listen to recipients and fulfill their requests. You can ask them for your opinion, ask for opinions, give help in creating a new product. You can see what your target group is the most willing to observe on the web and draw conclusions from it. You can ask if they prefer a pizza with arugula or a lamb’s lettuce: D Her, what are the possibilities, can you see it?

gathering communities and regular recipients

Who accompany the brand for a long time and not once when buying. You can create a community where you exchange knowledge and tips, promote each other’s businesses.

you can keep up with trends and reach young people

You can use news from the world, current events, funny actions and use it intelligently in the post that people will be happy to share. You can create thematic posts referring to interesting holidays like Pizza Day;)

a company with a human face

You can show the product in application in everyday life, and not just as sleek as on a billboard. Customers can upload photos on Instagram with the designation of your product and thanks to that you create an amazing bond with them, which is much more effective than the money spent on sponsored advertising in traditional media. If you additionally show your face – the face of the person who is behind the same business, photos from the kitchen and the process of creating a product is just nice! Recipients will surely remember you more than the next impersonal brand 🙂

How can I help you?

I encourage you to cooperate because I just feel strong at this field and it’s something that I like, and almost always have a lot of ideas 🙂 This is my main field of photography at the moment because it perfectly fits my creative character and great marketing interest.

I have a lot of ideas, I know the specifics of the Instagram and the style that is well received there. I’ve already done such photos for other companies as well as for my own online stores and I just know what works and what does not;) Besides, what can I say, I’m 24 and raised „on the internet” so this is my so-called natural environment 🙂

Pictures for social media have one undeniable advantage: they are usually simple and quick to make. You can do a lot of these photos on one session, they do not require such precision, perfection, lighting and other goodies as strictly advertising sessions, therefore it is cheaper, cool and brings results! You can have fun, try many different ideas. Such posts are quite short lived so it is important to use this „moment” and attract the viewer’s attention with an ingenious photo 🙂 I’m happy to go a step further and record a short video or a GIF – now such content is even better positioned than photos and give better ranges – it’s worth its use!

Do you want to work with me?

If you have a business and want to build your brand on the internet – write to me: hello@eradzikowska.com
I will be very happy 🙂 And you – of course – too!